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Why I Write Books?


Words have the power to touch the heart that effects the soul and can create a strong connection between the Creator and the human being.

We have the vision and passion to create and publish books that build strong moral values in children in the light of the teachings of the Quran & Sunnah; keeping in mind interests of children.

All books are now available for purchase at 

Al Huda Book Store, Mississauga

5671 McAdam Rd. Mississauga, ON L4Z 1N9


 I urge all parents to purchase these books for their libraries. Sadia knows the art of reaching young minds through interesting poetic expression and influencing one's soul with her engaging stories. This new series is sure to leave a positive impact on your child's life. Sadia has a simple yet powerful message in all her books. It would encourage children to adopt the values that we would like to inculcate in them; to be kind, loving, sharing, caring and practicing young Muslims, Bi Idn Allah. Her creative spark will serve as a reminder for children to become responsible citizens and good human beings, In Sha 'Allah.

Khudaija Nagaria, Educator

I found the "What Do I Say..." Books highly interactive and interesting. A very fun way for my daughter to learn the basics. Looking forward to more books by Sadia Qadri.

Fatima A. , Parent


I have read them. Awesome for kids to teach them about daily duas in a story form. 

Huma Samir, Teacher

Great effort dear Sr. Sadia, I also purchased the books and read them. Written from the heart by a dedicated Montessori Muslim teacher, who understands both her Deen and children psychology.

Mariam Masad, Teacher


A very cute set of books, with fun stories that rhyme to help the children remember when to read the duas. Nice, bright illustrations. Highly recommend!



Great work! Ma Sha Allah! I have also purchased these books and read them. I teach at home and my students are loving them. 

Shazia Nadeem, Teacher


May Allah make this hard work of yours the best sadaqa-e-jariya for all from these wonderful duaa books of gems. Ameen!


 Sr. Sadia's books are a much needed take on the Muslim children book genre, Masha'Allah! They're all individually written to lead to the memorization of a short dua: be it for their parents, the sick, or even just going to the market. The art style is fantastic with vibrant colours that keep the children engaged and excited for the next page. My students have thoroughly enjoyed the stories, so much so that my initial purchase of one book turned to four! I wholeheartedly recommend these books to any parent or teacher looking to teach their children short duas in a fun and engaging way. 

Abdullah K.

Children's Fitness Director  

Ma Sha'Allah the books are absolutely amazing!! The whole family loved them. 

The way they are written is very simple, yet catchy for the kids. 

Muzna, Parent




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